tiffini Kilgore

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Tiffini wants you to know that you are not alone in your mess!

After growing up in a broken home, she married at the tender age of sixteen. Divorced and with three small children, she married again. The years that followed held two more children, another broken marriage, chronic disease, major surgeries and living in cycles of abuse. Life's pain drove her to Jesus and her journals.

Together, she and God began transforming her pain into passion by writing a new story for her life ­­ one of healing, forgiveness,and new beginnings.
Today, Tiffini is a mom to five ­­ four grown children and one teenager still at home ­­ and a grandma to five. An entrepreneur by trade and a visionary + encourager at heart, she is reaching out to share her story in hopes that her faith in Jesus’ rescue and her hard work of recovery will encourage and inspire others to embrace the art of living courageously.